Rain rate. Time animation.

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Network link to time animated Rain rate (mm\hr).

This updated now by refresh of spreadsheets and not need edition.
Shift of time: 12 hours
Step: 3 hours
Time of interests: 3 days (np make more)
List of images updated automatically every 5 min!
By animation you can uses cursor width = 3-6 hours.

Spreadsheets: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=phRmoRD2Q-V9L8erXf9vCLA



Experimental Real-Time TRMM Multi-Satellite Precipitation Analysis (TMPA-RT):

Why Study Tropical Rainfall?

The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) is a joint U.S.-Japan satellite mission to monitor tropical and subtropical precipitation and to estimate its associated latent heating. Motivations include:

* The tropics play an important role in the global hydrological cycle, and tropical rainfall is the critical component of this role. Three-fourth of the atmosphere's heat energy derives from the release of latent heat of condensation in the process of precipitation. Two-thirds of the global precipitation occurs in the tropics.
* The variability of tropical rainfall affects the lives and economics of more than half of the world's population.
* The large spatial and temporal variability of rainfall systems poses a major challenge to estimating global rainfall.

TRMM provides systematic, multi-year, visible, infrared, and microwave measurements of rainfall in the tropics as key inputs to weather and climate research. The satellite observations are complemented by ground radar and rain gauge measurements to validate the satellite rain estimation techniques.


Unknown said...

The KML Link is not working.

Val said...

Today all ok. Check please your version GE.

Habib Ahmed Qureshi said...

TRMM provides systematic, multi-year, visible, infrared, and microwave measurements of rainfall in the tropics,as a Rain Gauges expert I must appriciate the TRMM efforts.